Rescue Stories


Brownie’s story is one of great human compassion

Hanh Disch noticed a dog peeking out of the woods in her subdivision.  For years, she spent time coaxing him with food and quiet compassion until she gained his trust.  He would come into her home and spend time with her dogs, yet wanted to return to his wooded area where he felt safe.

Eventually Hahn helped Brownie overcome his concerns about spending more time around people.  She asked Wescott Acres Pet Resort to allow Brownie into our rescue program, and we have. 

He is so very gentle and calm – sweet and …. well, ADORABLE!

Brownie gives the BEST hugs and kisses around!

We hope a family will give Brownie a home. He gets alone great with all people, kids, cats and dogs. But, he still likes his outside time, and wants a nice yard to relax in every day! Long walks in the woods are his favorite!

(The shaved spots on Brownie are just temporary where he had slightly injured areas and the Veterinarian shaved the hair to allow them to heal.)


This sweet little boy (just 6.4 lbs) obviously had a wonderful home before being rescued when his Owner passed away and he was in the home for days before she was found.  He is just shy of being a year old, and has obviously been through a lot. But, despite his recent worries, he will love and kiss you soon as he meets you. Thor is one mighty little guy who had a hard luck break and shows the unconditional love a dog can show. He’s the most outgoing and happy Chihuahua we have ever met!  (He has a grandmother’s lap to stay in now as his next chapter in life, and he is happy.)


"Maxwell and Fireball"

These two brothers were found in a backyard under a shed with a feral mother. Because of Brian and Gina Rej, the entire family was rescued and socialized. They are going to keep the mother, and hope these two bonded kittens will be adopted through Wescott Acres Pet Rescue. (September 2016)


This precious Boxer mix was found by Animal Control and taken to their shelter. After being held for 5 days, when no one claimed her, H.E.A.R.T.  Program Director, Donna Cassamento, took photos of Ali and put them on-line in hopes of getting a rescuer/sponsor for her.  Aaron Kozloski saw her and asked Wescott Acres Pet Rescue to  partner with him in rescuing her and finding her a good home.   Wescott Acres Pet Rescue was glad to be part of  this rescue effort.

Donna (H.E.A.R.T.)  met Aaron, Laura and Briana (Wescott Acres Pet Rescue)  at Banks Animal Hospital for  Ali's medical Assessment.

When we first saw Ali in the crate on Thursday, Sept. 26. Poor baby! Emily prepares Ali to be examined at Banks Animal Hospital
Ali with her rescuer/sponsor, Aaron Kozloski.

Ali coming to Wescott Acres from veterinarian on Monday, Sept 30th. 

Wescott Acres Owner, Laura Mitchell, sits with Ali in the sun
She is feeling so much better!  It is so nice to be loved and cared for!
It is a beautiful day to be alive and healthy!

Ali is a gentle, sweet girl who just wants to be loved.  She is only 26lbs., and should gain about 15-20 more pounds.  

She sustained a bad blow to her leg and shoulder indicating that she probably got hit by a car and has been wandering without food and medical care for some time.  

Ali is beautiful inside and outside. She was adopted by a wonderful, loving family with to other large dogs. Ali is happy and healthy in her forever home with a lot of love! She continues to visit with Wescott Acres when her family travels.



Storm was wandering a neighborhood, house to house, asking for food and love. The neighbors had left food for him, but winter was coming, and this sweet kitty needed more of a home. Wescott Acres took Storm under our wing and realized that he could not see from his right eye. The Veterinarian says that he probably was hit by a car and the force of the impact blinded his eye. Poor Storm! He needed comfort and care.

Storm is so sweet and gentle. Storm is fortunate to have met a wonderful young couple who adore him! They even adopted a kitten from Wescott Acres Pet Rescue to be his friend! Now, they have each other in a great home! We are so happy for Storm and the kitten to have a wonderful “forever” home!


Kitten lost and afraid

This precious little kitten was found all alone and afraid of people. He had obviously been born in the wild, and had developed bad infections in both his eyes. They were crusted shut and he wandered onto a sidewalk where a family’s dog saw him and the family rescued him. He surely would have died if left outside not being able to see…

At Wescott Acres Pet Rescue, he was treated by a Veterinarian for a severe upper-respiratory virus. After about a month of TLC with Sue Solomon, he recovered and became more friendly with Sue and her family handling him.




Rusty is a darling little Terrier mix who came to our attention living on the edge of woods near some stores. He was very shy and untrusting. Over time, our team was able to make friends with Rusty by visiting the area daily and feeding him.

Coming to Wescott Acres was great for him as he felt more comfortable with other dogs than people. He liked to hide under the covers.

Wescott Acres Professional Pet Caregiver, Erica Reimels, nurtured Rusty and fell in love with him. His shyness and sweet demeanor won her heart!

Erica and her husband enjoy having Rusty as part of their canine pack! He sure is happy now! Not nearly as shy! This family has really helped Rusty gain confidence!

And, who can possibly resist this sweet, innocent face?……



This sweet kitten had a severe upper respiratory infection and his eyes were in bad shape. He was so congested that he could hardly breathe. But, a kind man saw him walking unsteady beside a restaurant and picked him up to rescue him. We named him Phoenix at Wescott Acres Pet Rescue.

With lots of antibiotics and care, Sue Solomon and her family nurtured Phoenix back to health and he was a HANDSOME guy! Phoenix got adopted into a family with other cats, and is happy and healthy now!