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 Wescott Acres Pet Salon

Wescott Acres' experienced professional stylists offers all-breed grooming to suit your needs,
7 days a week!

Our stylists specialize in catering to our guests, most often grooming in their lap where your pet may be most comfortable! We want your baby to enjoy a day at the spa!

Our Pet Salon is bright, with windows and sunshine! We have a happy place!!

Caregivers walk each pet outside after their groom for relaxation before going home.

Your baby doesn't want to be in a cage! We like our Pet Salon babies to be in ROOMS in our pet resort when they are not receiving services from our all-professional salon team!

Wescott Acres offers Luxury pet salon services!

Your baby will always treated with respect and handled gently! We want each pet to have an enjoyable grooming salon experience. Respecting your pet's individual personality during grooming is important toward earning your pet's trust! We want you to come back to us with confidence and security that we are caring for your pet the way you want us to!

Wescott Acres uses high quality pet salon supplies. Our shampoos and conditioners will give a long-lasting clean which also smells delicious! For sensitive skin and pets with allergies, our gentle, natural cleansing shampoos will ph balance and help them feel much better! And - of course! - we use NO TEARS shampoos!

We offer reasonable prices with exceptional service for your pet!

Professional Groomer, Carrie Wofford has over 10 years of grooming experience. Wescott Acres is proud to have worked with Carrie for many years! Carrie is an extremely talented professional Groomer! She understands different breeds and their needs. She handles each pet gently so they enjoy their day at the spa! Respecting each pet's needs is important to Carrie!

Wendy Lazaro has been involved in grooming for 27 years.  From Mildford, Conn, Wendy has been living in South Carolina for 6
years.  She has 5 Poodles, 1 Pitt Bull Terrier mix rescue, and two precious children! Wendy enjoys her time with pets everyday, and dotes on every one!  

Wescott Acres, Carrie, and Wendy offer all-breed dog grooming to suit your needs every day of the week! Appointments are scheduled Monday through Saturday 7am-6pm. On Sundays, we groom the pets that are boarding with us and going home that afternoon when our office opens 4-6PM.

Professional Bather, Frank Shealy, is thorough and careful with a gentle hand. Frank has years of experience with pets, and takes pride in his communication with pets! He will help your pet enjoy a Bath, Bath Plus and/or Furminator! Let Frank help keep your pets clean and happy!

We want your pet returned to you freshly groomed and happy!
Make an appointment at 803-407-4708 or click on our tab above to make an appointment on-line!

Wescott Acres uses the finest quality supplies available. Our shampoos and conditioners will give a long lasting clean! Your pet will enjoy being pampered in our salon!

Wescott Acres Grooming Salon offers reasonable prices with exceptional service for your pet!

Salon Services:

  • Bath: Shampoo and towel-dry begins with brush-out and includes massage (to improve pet's skin and coat), clean and pluck ears, bows or bandanas and cologne. Begins at $16.
  • Bath Plus: Brush-out, shampoo, conditioner and massage, clean and pluck ears, sanitary cut, trim between paw pads, trim feet, trim around eyes (if requested), blow dry, bows or bandana and cologne. Begins at $30.
  • Full-service Grooming: Brush-out, shampoo, conditioner and massage, clean and pluck ears, express anal glands, sanitary cut, trim between paw pads, trim feet, full-body hair cut of your choice, blow dry, bows or bandana and cologne. Begins at $40.
  • Furminator: A wonderful spa treatment which includes a brush-out along with a bathing solution to help reduce shedding up to 85%! Starts at $40. Try it and see the difference

Special Services:

  • Flea and Tick Package (an "add-on" to any of our spa services): (Capstar to get rid of all fleas immediately and Spot-On treatment to prevent fleas)
  • Brush Out: $15 per hour
  • Teethbrushing: $10
  • Nails Trimmed: $10
  • Nails Grinding: $15

and more . . . .

Please schedule an appointment: Call (803) 407-4708, or select the registration tab above

Our grooming services are guaranteed with lots of love and gentle care . . .


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