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 Mission Statement: Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort – We Care

There’s a certain place in everyone’s heart calling us to a certain task. A warm spot that tells us we have a need – a desire to fulfill something necessary for personal happiness. It doesn’t have to be our life’s work, but most often becomes our life’s passion. If we listen and respond, we become more at peace with ourselves. Quite often self-fulfillment is achieved, and what we’ve been looking for all our life is right here under our nose. I have listened to my heart and accepted my calling to full-time pet care. My involvement in rescue and rehabilitation of abused, abandoned and neglected animals has helped me realize how much I enjoy working to enhance the lives of all animals.

In May 2001, I purchased an eight-acre farm in the Irmo/St. Andrews area of Columbia, S.C. I designed and built a luxury pet resort for dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets. We opened our doors the week before Thanksgiving, 2001.

Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort is unique in many ways, but most important to me is the resort’s dedication to the emotional needs of all pets that visit. Whether boarding, being groomed, or participating in daycare, all pets are nurtured and encouraged as they receive lots of attention from Wescott Acres staff.

Each pet has special needs in order to relax and enjoy themselves. We cater to individual pet personalities so their experience away from their family will be positive and enjoyable.


Wescott Acres is designed to enhance each pet’s visit through individual attention to detail. For example, we have Luxury Suites which are rooms just like in your home with a bed or loveseat sofa, bookcase, lamp, flat-screened tv, area rug and original oil paintings on the wall. Any family pet can be accommodated in comfort, and all their needs taken care of. Also, if your pet loves a tummy rub at bedtime, we will accommodate!

Wescott Acres offers special services to every single boarder because I believe they are necessary for every animal’s best physical health and emotional well being.

By growing up in a family that rescued and rehabilitated domestic and wild animals, I developed a love for all animals. I have volunteered all my life for local humane associations, and have owned many pets. These experiences have helped me gain knowledge of different types of animals and their behavior. I have a natural compassion for any animal’s needs, and hope that brings credibility to my ability to care for other’s family pets.

I have worked in many different capacities with The Animal Protection League, Project Pet, Save Our Strays, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, F.I.D.O., S.Q. Rescue, Rottweiller Rescue, Palmetto Lifeline, and other pet rescue organizations. Over the years, through my community outreach service I became known as “The Hay Lady” or “The Dog Food Lady” in several poor Columbia neighborhoods where I walked door-to-door for twenty-one years during the 1970’s to 1990’s, offering nourishment and comfort for neglected pets - education and assistance to their owners. I have carried pet food, wheat straw, water, other bedding, and talked with pet owners offering my assistance and advice to help them give better care to their pets.

My son, Will, now 24 years old, has grown up assisting me in caring for pets in need. We have spent Christmas mornings cooking rice and turkey, and driving for hours to deliver bowls of this warm food to pets on the ends of chains and in small pens - almost forgotten on such a special day! All of his life Will has helped coax frightened or injured dogs and cats from underneath cars, behind trash dumps, and from ditches and drain pipes to rescue them and give them a better life. He is always involved in Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort and Wescott Acres Pet Rescue.

My husband, Skip, tirelessly assists in all aspects of pet care in his free time. Aside form his career as Assistant Director of Technical Investigations for South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, he keeps Wescott Acres' books, handles finances, and fixes pretty much everything that needs it! He is one busy and talented man!


Our family is passionate about caring for pets.  We appreciate the trust we receive from others to care for their special family members.  We take such trust seriously, and work to earn each family’s respect. We know how important 24-hour care giving is!

Through Wescott Acres Pet Rescue, we take in about 300 abused, abandoned and neglected dogs and cats each year. We get the medical care they need, and support them emotionally through comfortable housing, good food and exercise, with lots of hands-on love!  We work to find excellent homes, and cry with happiness when they leave with their adoptive families!

We hope to educate the public about spaying and neutering pets, feeding proper diets, providing adequate shelter and water, and providing annual health care for pets. Personal involvement with pet owners is the strongest tool we have against animal abuse and neglect.

We want everyone to realize the importance of being attentive to their pet’s physical and emotional needs. All pets have individual personalities just like we humans do. The dog's “pack” mentality gives them a strong desire to be an integral part of our family, their “pack.” Cats need to know we are "there" for them. We should not separate them from involvement with us.

And, we must remember that our pet’s unconditional love is a GIFT to be TREASURED!


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