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Doggie Day Camp at Wescott Acres! FUN!

Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort Day Camp is offered Monday through Saturday giving each pet a unique day tailored to fit his individual needs!

Our goal is to provide a safe environment that is comfortable and emotionally supportive of your pet’s needs.

When your pet is at home alone without you, he worries about your return. When in Doggie Day Camp, your pet enjoys special attention from our Caregivers who get to know your pet’s individual personality and provide socialization, exercise and good old fashioned love to round out a happy day! He’ll come home relaxed and happy!

Pet daycare is recommended by top veterinarians and animal behaviorists to curb behavior problems for pets brought on by lack of exercise or boredom. Pet daycare helps you raise a confident, well-adjusted pet that reacts well with other animals and people. Puppies that are potty training benefit greatly from being in our Doggie Day Camp program where they get a lot of personal attention. We help with their daily potty training in addition to socialization and confidence building skills. Puppy’s love Puppy Day Camp!

  • Active dogs that would be at home alone all day benefit from receiving hours of active playtime with Caregivers and doggie friends, providing a day filled with fun without boredom!

  • Overweight dogs get into better condition walking and playing and crated dogs benefit from receiving an interesting, interactive day!

  • Doggie Day Camp offers a better quality of life for pets!

  • If you are out of town for the day, 7am-7pm, Doggie Day Camp is perfect!

  • We carefully evaluate pets and place them in a Day Camp group based on their unique personality and size. Care is taken to be sure Mom and Dad are comfortable with their pets new peer group!

  • Each doggie play group is supervised by a professional Caregiver and is small.

  • We realize that some pets want to be along, or with just one friend. That’s ok!

  • We recognize the importance of being experienced in canine behavior and keeping playtime light-hearted and fun for all pets!

A typical daycare day will involve outside morning play with running, ball and soft-frisbee chasing. We will break for a light lunch snack and indoor rest. Then go back outside for a relaxing walk, game of tag, maybe a swim in the pond or one of our many kiddie pools, and then an afternoon snack before going home. Daily activities are tailored to the needs of the individual dogs participating.

On Wescott Acres' eight acres of woodlands, pastureland with horses, and shady pond, there is lots of space for your pet's exploration and relaxation no matter what he or she is doing!

Doggie Day Camp is offered Monday - Saturday, 7:00am-7:00pm. Our programs are specialized and structured for each individual pet's needs.

Full Day: $25 per day for the first pet and $20 for each additional pet 
Half Day: $15 per day per pet (for up to 6 hours)
*When boarding or grooming your dog, enjoy half a day of Doggie Day Camp for just $15!


Try Doggie Day Camp and ask your pet what he thinks! Bet you’ll come back!

“Lord, please help me be the kind of person my dog thinks I am.”


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