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We want to pamper your pooch!

Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort specializes in providing personal attention for your special family member!
Tender Loving Care Guaranteed!

Our goal is to provide a safe environment that is comfortable and emotionally supportive of your pet’s needs. Wescott Acres’ staff is on duty every day of the year! We offer cozy beds and night-lights help your pet feel comfortable. Our staff shares hugs with your baby throughout the day, and always has treats in their pockets to share! We have designed different areas for the babies to stay so there is an area to suit each pet’s personality.

There are different Boarding areas – each to suit your pet’s individual need. From our signature hotel room for pets, Luxury Suites, to a special building just for pets under 20 lbs., The Cottage, our Main Suites for pets who enjoy activity and socialization, The Nurturing Center just for older and more sensitive pets who need soft floors and quiet comfort, and our beautiful Nature Park where outdoor pets enjoy a complete wooded setting under century old oak trees in large, 30’ x 30’ enclosures with 10’ walls. Let us introduce you to our Luxury Pet Resort so you can select the BEST place for your special family member!

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Our signature rooms are The Luxury Suites!

These private hotel rooms for pets have all of the amenities - a "must see!"

Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort has been nationally recognized for our special Luxury Suites that truly are rated 5-Star in the pet world! We know you’ll want to stay with your pet, Mom and Dad, but we are sorry ...this is for pets only!! Luxury Suites offer Pampered pooch privacy!

There are 12 themed suites, typically 8' x 10'. Most Luxury Suites have the atmosphere of a bedroom in your home with a bed, flat-screen TVs playing movies, lamp, rugs, etc. which physically remind the babies of being at home. Comfortable and quiet, these are true hotel rooms for pets! They are $65/night for the first pet, and $20/night for each additional pet.

Luxury Suites are often reserved, so we will be glad to share with you which ones are available for your dates.

  • The Magnolia Room has rich green, burgundy and paneled oak walls with a collection of Southern Magnolia original artwork. This feeling of classic cozy has a large window looking onto the small dog playground that offers sunshine and entertainment!

  • The Charleston Room has a French Door looking outside to a small-dog playground offering sunlight and plenty of activity to see. The Charleston Room is traditional all the way to a full wall Rainbow Row mural! Other fine Charleston artwork depicts The Battery and local basket weaving scenes. This is classic Southern traditional comfort and style!

  • The Palmetto Room is comfortable with a twin bed and recessed lighting for a comfortable, relaxing feeling. Elegant!


  • The Captain's Quarters is nautical with a twin bed and is quiet - a nice, comfortable room with a rich wood theme. Cozy and handsome!

  • The Beach Room has a large window over the bed looking onto our front porch with the horse-pasture and pond in the background. Pets like to sit on the bed and look outside!

  • The Study also looks onto our front porch with the horse-pasture and pond in the background. It is comfortable with a love seat, stained wood, antique furniture and DVD selections offering a cozy setting for relaxation! This is one classy room!


  • The Garden Room is floral and bright with a nice loveseat and a full-glass door opening into an active hallway. Pets enjoy seeing people all day. The coloring is soft pastel with a loveseat offering the opportunity for a quiet nap! There are DVDs playing, and a lot of room to stretch out in! This is a special room!


  • The Azalea Room opens onto the front lobby right beside the reception desk - right beside the receptionists all day, receiving a lot of attention with the ability to see all that is going on in our lobby! With a large antique dresser and mirror, this beautiful room is great for social pets who love people attention and watching DVD's!

  • The Safari Room also opens onto the front lobby, yet around the corner from the reception desk, offering a bit more privacy. A window opens onto our front porch offering sunlight and plenty to look at from the large love seat. In The Safari Room, your pet will be comfortable and pampered!..of course, the DVD selection is good!

  • The Caribbean Villas are NEW! Our three largest Luxury Suites are in an area all by themselves – quiet and beautiful. These 12’ x 8’ rooms have large picture windows overlooking the Nature Trails and acres of pastureland. There are nice upholstered chairs with a large flat screened TV, original artwork and bright, Caribbean colors! A private lobby offers a 54” flat-screened tv. Their private playground on grass is great!
The St. Croix Villa The Jamaican Villa The St. Martin Villa

Reservations and Payment for Luxury Suites: Once you have selected your suite, contact us by email or telephone (407-4708). We operate like a hotel. We request partial advanced payment for Luxury Suite reservations. Once we confirm your reservation with partial payment, we will hold your selected room for you. Should you desire to cancel your reservation, please do so within seven days of your check-in date for a full refund. If you need to cancel within a 7-day period, we will give you a refund for the nights we are able to re-rent your room. We appreciate your understanding that Luxury Suites are in demand. Because of this, we almost always re-rent the rooms and can most often offer refunds even for late cancellations. When you check-out, the balance is due. We accept debit cards, most major credit cards, checks and cash.

  • Each Luxury Suite is $65 per night for the first pet, and $20 per night for each additional pet.
The Main Suites - return to top

The Main Suites are where most pets stay. Spacious, cheerful and bright with natural skylights, these soft-sided rooms are in a relaxed atmosphere. There is a large three-tiered fountain in the center of the room and sliding-glass doors on the outer walls providing a good view for your pet of our horse pasture or pond. We can open the doors and turn on the fans for a good breeze on a nice day! Rooms are in three sizes, 6’ x 6’, 6’ x 4’ and 6’ x 3’. Each room is designed with complete safety and comfort in mind so pets feel they are in a large space with a lot of personal contact with Caregivers.

6' x 3' Rooms: $25 per night for the first pet and a discount of 10% for each additional pet in the same room
6' x 4' rooms: $30 per night for the first pet and a discount of 10% for each additional pet in the same room
6' x 6' rooms: $45 per night for the first pet and $20 per night for each additional pet in the same room

The Cottage - return to top

The Cottage is a separate little resort for small pets so they never have to be around larger pets! This is our newest addition, and the small pets tell us they love it!! They are the BIG guys in their own little world! Each room is fairly small (2’ x 2.5’) so babies 15 lbs and under are ideal. This way the babies feel in control of their environment. They eat and drink from ceramic bowls, snuggle in their fluffy beds, listen to the relaxing music, and talk to one another safely within their own little Cottage apartment!!

The Cottage outside playground is grass and pine straw enclosed with nice 6’ tall fencing - just perfect for these pampered pets! And, they go outside three to four times a day . We know they need more attention and more potty breaks!! Caregivers attend to these babies constantly just like when they are at home!

  • Each Cottage room is $25 per night per pet (only one pet can stay in each Cottage Room. However, we can open the walls between rooms, enlarging the space to (2.5'x5') for $50 per night for two pets)

The Nature Park - return to top

The Nature Park offers a picturesque setting under large oak trees with 20' x 20' wooded outdoor areas. Active, outdoor pets LOVE this paradise where they can run and also be quiet cozy in large doghouses with cedar chips and wheat straw! Caregivers are always attentive! Babies are happy in our safe, scenic setting!

  • Nature Park Rooms are $25 per night for the first pet, and $20 for each additional pet in the same Nature Park

Exercise and Activities:

We know healthy pets want relaxation, personal hands-on Caregiver attention and exercise daily! So Wescott Acres provides large areas made for running and play for every pet! We want everyone to relax and enjoy their stay with us!

Our pond offers a great respite from the heat for swimmers, and quiet or lively walks on our nature trails through the woods and pastureland in our 8 acres will relax any family pet!

We offer a lot of pampering with Frosty Paws Ice Cream treats for $5.00 each, or Kongs with p-nut butter, etc. Just talk to the Customer Care representative at check-in for any selections of "special services" you may be interested in.

Bedding and Toys:

Please feel comfortable bringing any special bedding or toys from home that you feel will make your pet’s stay more comfortable. Otherwise, we have plenty of bedding and toys to be sure they are happy.

Food and Treats:

Bring their food or we can feed ours. We use a premium, small-kibbled adult dog food. Any treats you bring for us to give your pets will help them feel loved!

Pet Health: Vaccinations and Medication

To insure the health and safety of all pets, proof of these vaccinations is needed prior to your pet's stay:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper / Parvo
  • Bordetella (“Kennel Cough”)
  • K9 Influenza

Bring these records when you check in or ask your veterinarian to fax records to us at 803-407-0566.

We will dispense medication as needed, yet want to discuss the health of your pet prior to staying with us. Wescott Acres is NOT a veterinary office with trained medical staff. We are a nurturing center for basically healthy pets! We always do our best to notice any health issues; but we are not prepared to care for pets that need a doctor's treatment. And, we realize that older pets have a difficult time being away from home for a week or more. So, let’s work together to be sure your pet stays happy and healthy!

We work hard to earn your trust!

We work very hard to ensure the safety and well-being of all pets in our care. Our staff consists of career professionals who have chosen this profession because they love caring for pets! We promise to work hard!

At check-in, we ask each family to sign a boarding agreement releasing us from any liability while caring for your pet. This agreement gives us permission to seek medical treatment with a consulting vet should an emergency arise. We will always try to contact you with any health questions, but we want to be able to provide necessary care in case we cannot reach you. We will ask you to provide phone numbers so that we can work together for the best interest of your pet, should we have questions and need to contact you.

Check-In and Check-Out: - return to top

At Wescott Acres, we operate like a hotel, offering check-in with a guarantee that your room will be ready at 12Noon. However, you can check-in your babies anytime after we open at 7am. We will give them a happy time of morning Doggie Day Camp for just $10 per pet. Your babies may also enjoy a Doggie Day Camp program for the afternoon for just $10 each from 12Noon-7pm if you prefer to check out after 12Noon. We need no advance notice, and will move them into Doggie Day Camp if you have not returned by 12Noon.

You can share with us what type of Day Camp program you prefer, or let us spend time with your pets and find out what they want to do. They may stay in their room, go outside into a playground, go for a walk with a Caregiver, and any combination. Our Doggie Day Camp program is custom-designed to fit the needs of each individual pet!


We want your pet’s stay to be the LEAST of your travel worries! (That means that if you want to extend their stay and check out on another day, just give us a phone call and we will be happy to accommodate you!)

Wescott Acres Luxury Pet Resort is committed to meeting the emotional and physical needs of all pets.

Take your pet home Groomed!

We provide full-service Pet Salon grooming services seven days a week! So, take your pet home clean and fresh! Just let us know if you want a puff for your poodle or a squeaky clean bath for your Labrador! We do it all, and LOVE it!! Just schedule an appointment with our Pet Salon when making your reservation or when you check-in. Our Pet Salon staff are THE BEST in Columbia! And, we guarantee our services! Only gentle, loving care is given to YOUR pet!

Please feel free to email us with any other questions, or call Wescott Acres at 803/407-4708 Monday to Saturday 7am–6pm or Sundays 3:45-6pm.

Thank you for trusting the professional staff of Wescott Acres to care for your family!



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