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 Cat Boarding - "The Kitty Suites"

Our Kitty Suites is a large, sunny room with one full glass wall so the cats can look into the Cottage Play Yard where small dogs are exercising. Fun! There is soft jazz music in the background, and two more windows with "window seats" for them to lay on and enjoy. Lots of climbing towers and snuggle cozies provide comfort for everyone!

Kitty Suites are $15 per night for each kitty.  Check-in your kitty anytime 7am - 7pm Monday - Friday, 8am-6pm Saturday, or 3pm-6pm on Sundays.

Our Kitty Suites offers two opportunities for boarding: a private apartment (2.5' x 3' with a Lucitefront), or free-roam in the open room with apartment doors open to go into the room when your pet wants to. No cages in our luxury accommodations! So, your two babies can stay in an apartment together (it's large enough) or have the opportunity to be in our entire room together.

If you decide to allow your babies free roam in the room, realize that there is the chance of your pet catching an upper-respiratory virus from another cat that is not showing any symptoms. (This is like children attending kindergarten who are in close contact with each other.) We will ask you to sign a release agreement acknowledging that we have shared this information with you, and that you understand being around other cats offers some health risks for your own.

We always watch your kitty's body language, because we want to keep the babies emotionally happy as well as safe and secure in our Kitty Suites. So, we will keep a close check on personality changes to be sure they are happy.

You may want to bring a t-shirt or her bed, or pillow case or towel from home so that your babies will have your smell to comfort them during time spent with us.

Give us as many details as you can about your pet's personality so we can become "family" as quickly as possible. We want them to feel comfortable with us. We know we will fall in love with them since they will be here day after day. And, we take that responsibility seriously to help them feel loved and cared-for. Their emotional needs are just as important as their physical ones, and we will work hard to help them be comfortable. We will call you if we see any changes in your cats personality or physical character.


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